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1/21/2018 : 2:20 am : +0100


This project builds a "Center of Excellence on International Trade". It provides the appropriate infrastructure and assistance for a research community in International Trade. Thus we can achieve a sustainable coordination among different research projects, research institutes and other activities in the broad field of economics of International Trade (FIW German abbreviation). This project will also create a network of experts and asure the integration of international projects.


The Center of Excellence fulfills the following tasks:

  • Develops a research program which assists external political decisions and activities concerning the European Union and other multinational organisations in a sustainable fashion.
  • Provides access to relevant databases in an easy and transparent way.
  • Encourages and enhances the development of know-how with regard to foreign economic affairs in Austria.

This new Center of Excellence will be an important source of information for the research community in Austria, the Austrian government with regard to foreign affairs as well as the social partnership. It collects and increases the knowledge of the given research institutes and provides it to the public in a user friendly manner.