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49. FIW-Lecture The European Chip Law

Date: 13.03.2023 Invitation/Program Presentations: Bernhard Dachs (AIT) Tanja Misic (BMAW)

48. FIW-Lecture 30 Years of EU Single Market

Date: 26.01.2023 Invitation/Program Presentations: Fritz Breuss (WIFO / WU Vienna) Florian Schönberger (BMAW)

47. FIW-Lecture Challenges and Opportunities for the Automotive Industry

Date: 12.12.2022 Invitation/Program Presentations: Doris Hanzl-Weiss (wiiw) Igor Sekardi (Federation of Austrian Industries)

46. FIW-Lecture Greening Trade? Environmental provisions in trade agreements

Date: 17.11.2022 Invitation/Program Presentations: Bettina Meinhart (WIFO) Claudia Stowasser (WKO)

45. FIW-Lecture RCEP and the economic impact on EU and Austria

Date: 20.01.2022 Invitation/Program Presentations: Robert Stehrer (wiiw) Claudia Stowasser (WKO)

44. FIW-Lecture America is back – Opportunities and challenges for multilateral cooperation

Date: 09.12.2021 Invitation/Program Presentations: Elisabeth Christen (WIFO) Igor Sekardi (Federation of Austrian Industries)

Date: 09.11.2021 Invitation/Program Presentations: Bernhard Dachs (AIT) René Tritscher (ABA)

42. FIW-Lecture WTO 2.0 Review and Outlook of the Multilateral World Trade System

Date: 28.06.2021 Invitation/Program Presentations: Ralph Janik (SFU/Universität Vienna/AUB) Barbara Tasch-Ronner (Economic Chambers Austria)

41. FIW-Lecture WTO 2.0 Review and Outlook of the Multilateral World Trade System

Date: 26.05.2021 Invitation/Program Presentations: Julia Grübler (wiiw) Alexandra Leoni (BMDW) Doris Traxl-Reiner (BMDW)

40. FIW-Lecture Trade Policy Safeguards: Balancing act on a fine line between protection and protectionism

Date: 12.04.2021 Invitation/Program Präsentationen: Fritz Breuss (WIFO; WU) Maximilian Bauernfeind (BMK)

39. FIW-Lecture Investment Control in Europe – between Economic Purpose, Political Utility and Legal Feasibility

38. FIW-Lecture: EU Free Trade Agreements: What’s on the table?

Date: 06.10.2020 Invitation/Program Presentations: Roman Stöllinger (wiiw)

37. FIW-Lecture Economic Relations between Europe and China – Opportunities, Risks and Future Perspectives from an Austrian Perspective

Date: 09.09.2020 Invitation/Program Presentations: Klaus Weyerstraß (IHS) Andreas Breinbauer (FH des BFI Wien)

36. FIW-Lecture Global Trade and Trade Policy in Times of COVID-19.

Date: 06.07.2020 Invitation/Program Presentations: Harald Oberhofer (WU / WIFO / FIW) Igor Sekardi (Federation of Austrian Industries)

35. FIW-Lecture International Trade, Climate Policy and Carbon Leakage

Date: 24.06.2020 Invitation/Program Presentations: Stefan Borsky (U. Graz) Florian Schönberger (BMDW)

34th FIW-Lecture The Importance of Foreign Multinationals for Research, Development and Innovation in Austria

Date: 12.02.2020 Invitation/Program Presentations: Bernhard Dachs (AIT) Michael Binder (FFG)

33. FIW-Lecture Evolution and Significance of “Modern” EU Free Trade Agreements

Date: 19.02.2019 Invitation/Program Presentations: Roman Stöllinger (wiiw) Claudia Stowasser (WKO)

32. FIW-Lecture Austria between East and West in the context of the Austrian EU Presidency

Date: 12.12.2018 Invitation/Program Presentations: Julia Grübler (wiiw) Doris Ritzberger (OeNB)

31. FIW-Lecture The EU-Japan EPA

Date: 21.11.2018 Invitation/Program Presentations: Fukunari Kimura (Keio University, Tokyo) Julia Grübler (wiiw)

30. FIW-Lecture Key technologies of digitalization and their effects on foreign trade

Date: 29.09.2018 Invitation/Program Presentations: Bernhard Dachs (AIT) Roland Sommer (Association Industry 4.0)

29. FIW-Lecture The production of material goods for domestic and foreign markets and its importance for Austria’s economy

Date: 19.06.2018 Invitation/Program Presentations: Oliver Fritz & Gerhard Streicher (WIFO) Gerold Zakarias (Siemens Austria)

28. FIW-Lecture Development, Determinants and Significance of Total Factor Productivity.

Date: 13.02.2018 Invitation/Program Presentations: Klaus Weyerstraß (IHS) Marlis Müllner (ABA)

27. FIW-Lecture 1817-2017: by David Ricardo on US President Trump’s trade policy

Date: 07.12.2017 Invitation/Program Presentations: Gabriel Felbermayr (ifo Institute Munich) Michael Landesmann (wiiw / JKU Linz)

26. FIW-Lecture The relevance of non-tariff measures for foreign trade

Date: 21.09.2017 Invitation/Program Presentations: Julia Grübler (wiiw) Claudia Dorninger (WKO)

25. FIW-Lecture Potential and Risks of the Capital Markets Union for the Economy of Europe and Austria

Date: 11.07.2017 Invitation/Program Presentations: Andreas Breitenfellner (OeNB) Melitta Schütz (BMF)

24. FIW-Lecture The digital Evolution

23. FIW-Lecture The Silk Road once – and now: economic potentials for Austria

Date: 29.03.2017 Invitation/Program Presentations: Julia Grübler (wiiw)

22. FIW-Lecture Export Potentials for the Austrian Economy: An Analysis of Relevant Supply Factors

Date: 25.01.2017 Invitation/Program Presentations: Elisabeth Christen (WIFO) Leonhard Jörg (FFG)

21. FIW-Lecture Analysis of Austria’s Productivity in International Comparison

Date: 24.05.2016 Invitation/Program Presentations: Klaus Weyerstraß (IHS) Harald Oberhofer (WU Vienna / WIFO)

20. FIW-Lecture Investment in Austria: Developments, Causes, Policy Recommendations

Date: 28.04.2016 Invitation/Program Presentations: Roman Stöllinger (wiiw) Bernhard Sagmeister (aws)

19. FIW-Lecture Austria’s Competitive Strengths and Weaknesses

Date: 18.01.2016 Invitation/Program Presentations: Karl Aiginger (WIFO) Michael Losch (BMWFW)

18. FIW-Lecture 20 Years Austria in the EU – Trade Effects, Challenges and Options

Date: 30.10.2015 Invitation/Program Presentations: Gabriel Felbermayr (Ifo / LMU) Harald Oberhofer (WU Vienna / WIFO) Fritz Breuss (FIW / WIFO / WU Vienna)

17. FIW-Lecture”Smart Diversification” in international trade

Date: 11.06.2015 Invitation/Program Presentations: Andreas Reinstaller (WIFO) Gunther Tichy (WIFO)

16. FIW-Lecture An Anatomy of Austrian Export Growth after the Crisis

Date: 29.04.2015 Invitation/Program Presentations: Roman Stöllinger (wiiw)

15. FIW-Lecture The Competitiveness of the Austrian Export Industry: The Role of SMEs

Date: 14.01.20215 Invitation/Program Presentations: Harald Oberhofer (University Salzburg) Ferdinand Schipfer (OeKB)

14. FIW-Lecture TTIP and its implications for Austria

Date: 09.12.2014 Invitation/Program Presentations: Fritz Breuss (FIW / WIFO / WU Vienna) Gabriele Habermayer (BMWFW)

13. FIW-Lecture How much potential is there in the BRICS?

12. FIW-Lecture International Competitiveness and “New” Industrial Policy in the European Context

Date: 27.02.2014 Invitation/Program Presentations: Michael Peneder (WIFO) Christina Burger (BMWFJ)

11. FIW-Lecture Trade in value added and factors

Date: 23.01.2014 Invitation/Program Presentations: Robert Stehrer (wiiw) Veronika Kulmer (Joanneum Research)

10. FIW-Lecture Can the New Architecture of European Economic Policy Lead the Euro Area out of the Crisis?

Date: 11.12.2013 Invitation/Program Presentations: Georg M. Busch (freelance Consultant / WU Vienna) Fritz Breuss (FIW / WIFO / WU Vienna)

9. FIW-Lecture Two Approaches to Modeling the Effects of a Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement Between the EU and US

Date: 06.06.2013 Invitation/program Presentations: Joseph Francois (JKU Linz, wiiw)

8. FIW-Lecture The EU Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020: an old concept for a changing European Union.

Date: 14.02.2013 Invitation/program Presentations: Sandor Richter (wiiw) Edith Peters (BMF): Kommentar; Ergebnisse Europäischer Rat

7. FIW-Vorlesung Effects of Austrian EU Membership

Date: 24.01.2013 Invitation/Program Presentations: Fritz Breuss (FIW / WIFO / WU Wien) Heinz Handler (TU Wien / WIFO)

6. FIW-Lecture Effects of the Euro Crisis on Europe’s Periphery

Date: 13.12.2013 Invitation/program/a> Presentations: Michael Landesmann (wiiw / JKU Linz / FIW) Alfred Katterl (BMF)

5. FIW-Lecture Foreign Trade of the Austrian Federal Provinces 1999-2009 Alternative estimation method, results and effects of the economic crisis

Date: 25.10.2012 Invitation/program Presentations: Roman Römisch (wiiw) Julia Wörz (OeNB)

4. FIW-Lecture The Impact of the Euro on the Foreign Trade of the EU and Austria

Date: 16.04.2012 Invitation/Program Presentations: Harald Badinger (WU Wien) Doris Ritzberger-Grünwald (OeNB)

3. FIW-Lecture Mapping Directions for the WTO in a post-Doha World

Date: 08.03.2012 Invitation/Program Presentations: Joseph Francois (JKU Linz) Ralf Kronberger (WKO)

2. FIW-Vorlesung Lecture Crisis Management Switzerland and Austria

Date: 13.12.2011 Invitations/Program Presentations: Franz Nauschnigg (OeNB) Alexander Hoffet (Schweizerische Botschaft)

1. FIW-Lecture EU Economic Governance

Date: 19.10.2011 Invitation/Program Presemtations: Fritz Breuss (FIW / WIFO / WU Wien) Heinz Handler (TU Wien / WIFO)