AW Curriculum

AW-Curriculum: Migration, refugee integration and foreign trade

  • Thu, 11. January 2024 09:00h - 12:00h
  • Online-Webinar
  • Online-Event (Deutsch)
  • FIW-Projektbüro: Mag. Birgit Buschbom,

The Federal Ministry of Labor and Economy, the Competence Center Research Focus International Economics and the Federal Academy of Administration invite to the seminar

W2 (2023): Migration, refugee integration and foreign trade

Lecturers: Judith Kohlenberger (WU); Michael Landesmann (JKU Linz, wiiw)


  1. Migration as a global phenomenon
  • Importance of migration at the global level
  • The development dimension: common and divergent interests between “rich” and “poor” countries
    − Remittances and educated, innovative returnees as an opportunity for developing countries
    − Brain drain, ageing and disadvantages in the “war for talent” as the other side of the coin
    − Global migration dynamics and models

2. Migration and Austria

  • Historical outline of immigration and emigration from/to Austria
    − Country of destination or origin
    − Reasons for migration
    − Qualification of the emigrants/immigrants
  • Legal framework in Austria
    − Free movement of persons in the EU
    − Red-White-Red Card
    − Asylum

3. Foreign trade effects

  • Economic effects of immigration on value creation, labour market/demographics, innovative strength in Europe and Austria
  • Emergence of new external economic relations due to migration
  • Migration as a means of exerting pressure in international negotiations (Turkey, Belarus)
  • Political reactions
    − Rise of populist movements
    − Increasing economic protectionism

4. Case study Ukraine

  • Possible effects of the flight movement for Ukraine and the destination countries
  • Structure, qualification and lead probabilities of the flight movement from Ukraine

The webinar is part of the Foreign Trade and Investment Curriculum 2023/24. More information about the Foreign Trade Curriculum.