AW Curriculum

Foreign Trade Curriculum 2023/24

The two-year Foreign Trade Curriculum will be held for the third time in 2023/2024 by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Economic Affairs (BMAW) together with the Competence Center for Research in International Economics (FIW) and the Federal Academy of Administration (VAB). Within two years, eleven seminars will again be held, specifically six basic seminars (B1 to B6) and five elective seminars (W1 to W5).

Participants receive a certificate of attendance from FIW after registering for the AW curriculum (this is also possible retrospectively) and attending at least five basic seminars and at least three elective seminars. It is also possible to attend individual seminars without participating in the AW curriculum.

Format and time: The seminars of the Foreign Trade Curriculum 2023/2024 take place as three-hour online webinars (Demio), each from 9-12h.

Technical notes: The webinars should work in all current and popular browsers and on all popular platforms (including tablets and smartphones). Please avoid using Internet Explorer. We recommend the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari. If you have problems with one of these browsers, please try another.

“Look it up”: presentation materials and recordings of webinars that have already taken place are available on the FIW website.



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  • Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy:
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