Seminar in International Economics: Hidden in plain sight: Influential sets in linear regression

  • Tue, 05. December 2023 14:00h - 15:00h
  • Zoom
  • Online-Event (Englisch)
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The Competence Centre for International Economics Research (FIW) kindly invites to participate in the Seminar in International Economics on the topic

Hidden in plain sight: Influential sets in linear regression

Presenter: Jesús Crespo (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
Discussant: Rosanna Gualdi (Universita’ di Bologna)

Influential sets are sets of observations that have considerable impact on econometric results.This webinar presents a disciplined and insightful method for assessing the sensitivity of regression-based inference to influential sets. Algorithmic approaches are explored to identify influential sets, discuss interpretation, and assess the sensitivity of earlier studies to these sets. This method is applied to established results in development economics, and show that results are driven by small influential sets. Identifying and analysing these sets can reveal potential omitted variable bias, unobserved heterogeneity, a lack of external validity, and technical limitations of the methodological approach used.

The presentation if available, will be posted after the event.

The seminar series is organised by the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw) in co-operation with FIW and the European University Institute. The seminar provides a forum for presentation and discussion of recent academic research in the field of international economics.