FIW Trade Talks

FIW-Trade Talks: ‘The Economic Dividend of Competitiveness’ mit Fredrik Erixon (ECIPE)

  • Wed, 13. September 2023 16:00h 17:00h
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 FIW-Trade Talks

 ‘The Economic Dividend of Competitiveness’

with Fredrik Erixon (ECIPE)


September 13, 2023, 4:00 p.m. CEST



Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


FIW is pleased to announce the next edition of FIW-Trade Talks.

Harald Oberhofer discusses the topic ‘The Economic Dividend of Competitiveness’ with the Director of the European Centre for International Political Economy Fredrik Erixon (ECIPE).


Time: September 13, 4:00 p.m.

Venue: online event (Zoom)


Language: English


Erixon, F., Guinea, O., Lamprecht, P., Sharma, V., Sisto, E., van der Marel, E. (2022). A Compass to Guide EU Policy in Support of Business Competitiveness. Report, ECIPE. Brussels, occ. Paper 6/2022, 82p.


FIW Trade Talks is a series of events organized by the Research Centre International Economics (FIW). International economic researchers or high-level policy makers are interviewed on current topics in international economics and economic policy.



Fredrik Erixon

Fredrik Erixon is a Swedish economist and writer. He has been the Director of the European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE) ever since its start in 2006. The Financial Times has ranked Erixon as one of Brussels 30 most influential people.

Fredrik Erixon is the author of several books and studies in the fields of international economics, economic policy, and regulatory affairs (welfare reforms, healthcare, competition policy, et cetera). His latest book (co-authored with Björn Weigel) was The Innovation Illusion: How so Little is Created by so Many Working so Hard (Yale University Press) and he has previously written books about the history of political ideas, the role of social capital for economic growth, and international economic policy. His research interests covers international economics, European relations with Asia and North America, trade and regulatory policy, philosophy and technological change. His next book, Saving Liberalism for the 21st Century, is about challenges from populism and other ideas to the open society.

Erixon has advised several governments in Europe and the rest of the world, and is a frequent speaker at conferences. He regularly writes for international newspapers and magazines. In his previous career, Erixon has worked in development policy, financial markets, business consulting, and academia.


Harald Oberhofer

Harald Oberhofer is a Senior Economist at WIFO, the Austrian Institute of Economic Research. He is Professor of Economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. His research interests include International Economics, empirical Industrial Organisation and Applied Econometrics. Harald Oberhofer studied at the University of Innsbruck and holds a doctorate in Economics and Social Sciences from the University of Innsbruck.

Harald Oberhofer regularly serves as a consultant to international organisations such as the OECD and the World Bank, where he analyses the impact of institutional regulations on firm performance, also over the business cycle.