AW Curriculum

AW-Curriculum: Importance of Foreign Trade for Austria

  • Thu, 23. November 2023 09:00h - 12:00h
  • Online-Webinar
  • Online-Event (Deutsch)
  • FIW-Projektbüro: Mag. Birgit Buschbom,

The Federal Ministry of Labor and Economy, the Competence Center Research Focus International Economics and the Federal Academy of Administration invite to the seminar

B3 (2023): Importance of Foreign Trade for Austria

Lecturer: Mag. a Elisabeth Christen, PhD (WIFO)


1. Overview of Austria as an export nation

  • Composition of exports by goods
  • Overview of the most important trading partners inside and outside the EU
  • Austria’s export strength and competitiveness

2. Export orientation as a result of politics

  • Overview of economic policy measures (export promotion measures, political circumstances, etc.)
  • Austria’s place in the global value chain in comparison

3. Current challenges and opportunities

  • End of globalisation?
  • Ecological transformation
  • Geo-economic aspects

The webinar is part of the Foreign Trade and Investment Curriculum 2023/24. More information about the Foreign Trade Curriculum.