AW Curriculum

AW-Curriculum: Applied modelling in foreign trade research

  • Thu, 14. March 2024 09:00h - 12:00h
  • Online-Webinar
  • Online-Event (Deutsch)
  • FIW-Projektbüro: Mag. Birgit Buschbom,

The Federal Ministry of Labor and Economy, the Competence Center Research Focus International Economics and the Federal Academy of Administration invite to the seminar

B4 (2024): Applied modelling in foreign trade research

Lecturer: Univ.-Doz. Dr. Robert Stehrer (wiiw)


1. Data basis for foreign trade research

  • Description of data of interest for research
  • Overview of the collecting organisations and the most important data sources (e.g Statistics Austria, Eurostat, Section V Datapoint, COMTRADE, UNCTAD, OECD)
  • Classification of data: Macro and micro data, register data
  • Presentation of the Austrian Micro Data Centre: Special features, available data and access

2. Models of foreign trade research

  • Historical overview: Parameters, complexity and theoretical economic foundations in the course of time
  • Interaction: New models need new data and new data lead to new models.
  • Presentation of a state of the art model

3. Application example of linked register data: Presentation of own research results or an international best practice

The webinar is part of the Foreign Trade and Investment Curriculum 2023/24. More information about the Foreign Trade Curriculum.