FIW Lectures

49th FIW Lecture “The European Chip Law”

  • Mon, 13. March 2023 09:30h - 10:30h
  • Stubenring 1, 1. Stock, Marmorsaal (Saal I) - 1010 Wien
  • Präsenz-Event (Deutsch)
Decorative symbol photo shows electronic circuits of a motherboard.

The Federal Ministry of Labour and Economic Affairs and the FIW invite you to the

49th FIW Lecture

“The European Chip Law”

Dr. Bernhard Dachs (AIT)

Welcome: Section Head Cynthia Zimmermann (BMAW)
Koreferat: Tanja Misic, MA (BMAW)
Chair of discussion:Dr. Manfred Schekulin (BMAW)
Literature:FIW Policy Brief No. 58 (March 2023)

FIW Lectures is a series of events in which policy-relevant current research results from the field of international economics are presented and discussed in a practical manner. Coffee is provided.

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