Past Award-winners

2022 – FIW-Award for master-thesis

  • Nicole Sattler for her master-thesis “The impact of the AfCFTA on the EU-Africa trade relation
  • Johanna Treiber for her master-thesis “Labour Laws and FDI Productivity Spillovers – Analysis of the Labour Mobility Channel

2021 – FIW-Award for PhD-thesis

  • Katharina Bergant for her PhD-thesis “Essays in Financial Economics”
  • Martina Neuländtner for her dissertation “Regional knowledge creation and R&D collaboration in Europe“

2020 – FIW-Award for master-thesis

  • Isabella Bachleitner for her master-thesis “Trade and Inequality through the Lense of Free Trade Agreements“
  • Lisa Eller für her master-thesis “Solidarity Farming in Austria – Alternatives for the Agricultural Sector”
  • Anna Matzner for her master-thesis “The impact of macroeconomic uncertainty on inequality in the European Union: A Bayesian Global VAR Approach“
  • Martina Pardy for her master-thesis “Estimating full income distributions for US counties and their sensitivity to Internal Migration“
  • Ingrid Setz for her master-thesis“The impact of macroeconomic uncertainty on inequality in the European Union: A Bayesian Global VAR Approach“

2018 – FIW-Award for master-thesis

  • Julia Spornberger for her master-thesis “The Impact of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) on Bilateral Trade Flows for Manufactured Goods.

2017/18 – FIW-Award for PhD-thesis:

  • Julia Bachtrögler for her PhD-thesis “Essays on the Effectiveness of EU Cohesion Policy: The Role of Policy Implementation and its Effects in Heterogeneous Regions“

2016 – FIW-Award for master-thesis:

  • Anja Kukuvec for her master-thesis “Human Capital, Technology Diffusion, and Total Factor Productivity Growth in Regions“
  • Fanny Helene Dellinger for her master-thesis „Will we eliminate poverty until 2030? An assessment based on the Growth Elasticity of Poverty“

2015 – FIW-Award for PhD-thesis:

  • Claudia Steinwender for her PhD-thesis “International and Innovation Activities of Firms”
  • Veronika Katrin Kulmer for her doctoral-thesis “Policy Analysis in a Computable General Equilibrium Framework: Case Studies on Transport and Trade Policy”
  • Elisabeth Nindl for her PhD-thesis “International Trade, Institutional Quality and Economic Development”

2014 – FIW-Award for master-thesis

  • Anna Pauls for her master-thesis “Offshoring and Manufacturing Wages in sub Saharan African Countries”
  • Julia Grübler for her master-thesis “European Trade Preferences facing the New Millennium“