FIW Research Reports | 2023-07

Firm, employment and wage structures in the Austrian foreign trade sector with a focus on SMEs – First analyses based on micro data

This report provides an overview of the structure and dynamics of Austria’s foreign trade based on individual data for firms and persons employed, accessible for the first time, with regard to different dimensions. This allows to distinguish not only exporting from non-exporting firms, but also their activities with regard to imports and their participation in domestic and international enterprise groups. The detailed data also allow to identify firms with only minor export activities (e.g. exports to only one partner country). The linking of firm and individual data also allows for the analysis of differences in employment and wage structures between only domestic and internationally active firms. This report also differentiates firms by SME status to see if the relevant results also apply to the different size classes of firms.

Citation suggestion:

Robert Stehrer, 2023. “Firmen-, Beschäftigungs- und Lohnstrukturen in der österreichischen Außenwirtschaft mit Fokus auf KMUs – Erste Analysen basierend auf Mikrodaten”, FIW Research Reports series 01-2023, FIW.