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“Skills for 2030” to achieve the SDGs

  • Tue, 19. September 2023 14:00h - 14:45h
  • Online
  • Online-Event (Deutsch)
  • FIW-Projektbüro: Mag. Birgit Buschbom,

Austria is committed to implementing the United Nations Agenda 2030 with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The 2030 Agenda provides an internationally binding framework in which all dimensions of sustainable development are systematically taken into account to ensure a good life for all in accordance with the principle of “Leaving no one behind”. Four years after the first Voluntary National Implementation Report 2020 (FNU), which presents the progress made towards achieving the SDGs, the second Austrian FNU is to be presented in New York in July 2024. Preparations for this have already begun.

In parallel, an annual SDG dialogue forum has been held since 2021, jointly supported by the federal administration and civil society, to further strengthen the will to implement the SDGs. This year’s event with a political high-level discourse with participation at ministerial level is scheduled for 12 October 2023. In the run-up to this political debate, preparatory innovation pools (workshops) will be held to further develop the focal topics of the first FNU (climate, social affairs, digitalisation). The BMAW had discussed the priority area of digitalisation in the 1st FNU, over the last two years this has developed into the broader topic of “Skills for 2030”.

The Innovation Pool 2022 asked the BMAW to create a mapping of the “Skills for 2030” in Austria. The BMAW commissioned the University of Continuing Education Krems with the study project “Skills for 2030” to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in which international framework concepts on the topic of future skills are to be combined with a mapping/map of concrete initiatives in the “Skills for 2030” in Austria. The aim is to identify focal points, make any gaps visible and develop possibilities for action.

The study is currently being finalized and is scheduled to be published on the BMAW and FIW websites in September 2023. In follow-up to the presentation of the interim results in July 2023 (follow-up opportunity here: ), we now cordially invite you to the presentation of the final results by the project leader.

Study: “Skills for 2030” to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Presentation: Project leader Dr. Thomas Pfeffer (University of Continuing Education Krems)

Moderation: Dr. Manfred Schekulin (BMAW)

Language: German