Seminar in International Economics: A journey toward global value chain upgrading

  • Tue, 11. June 2024 14:00h - 15:00h
  • Zoom
  • Online-Event (Englisch)
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The Competence Centre for International Economics Research (FIW) kindly invites to participate in the Seminar in International Economics on the topic

A journey toward global value chain upgrading: Exploring the transition from backward to forward integration

Presenter: Nebojša Stojčić (University of Dubrovnik)
Discussant: Silvia Nenci (University of Roma Tre)


Global value chains (GVCs) are embraced worldwide as a gateway to technological and economic upgrading. Countries integrate into backward, value-importing linkages with the aim of accumulating technological capabilities and transitioning towards creating their own forward, value-exporting chains and capturing a greater share of the value generated within GVCs.

Existing knowledge, which is largely fragmented and descriptive, points to a number of uncertainties and complexities that make this process anything but linear. It is open question whether the deepening backward linkages facilitates forward integration in GVCs.

During this event, a new research using data from 65 countries over two decades will show that the impact of backward integration on forward integration in GVCs varies over time and that it is moderated by the level of development of the country, the diversity of the GVC partner network and the innovation conditions in the home market.

The study adds a new perspective to the literature on GVC-driven upgrading.

The presentation if available, will be posted after the event.

The seminar series is organised by the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw) in co-operation with FIW and the European University Institute. The seminar provides a forum for presentation and discussion of recent academic research in the field of international economics.