AW Curriculum

AW-Curriculum: Logistics and digitalization as drivers of global trade

  • Thu, 27. April 2023 09:00h - 12:00h
  • Online-Webinar
  • Online-Event (Deutsch)
  • FIW-Projektbüro: Mag. Birgit Buschbom,

The Federal Ministry of Labor and Economy, the Competence Center Research Focus International Economics and the Federal Academy of Administration invite to the seminar

W1 (2023): Logistics and digitalization as drivers of global trade

Lecturer: Andreas Breinbauer (University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna)
Date: 27. April 2023
Link to the recording:


1. Logistics as a central aspect of foreign trade
• The invention of container shipping as a prerequisite for the upswing in world trade
• Logistics strategies
− Just in time and just in case
− International and national supply chains
• Logistics in Austria
− Relevant means of transport
− Infrastructure
− Cost of the main routes
2. Influence of digitization
• Influence of fully automated warehousing, tracking chips, etc. on the sector
• Industry 4.0 and 3D printing: shifting production to the consumer
3. Political aspects
• Chinas Belt and Road Initiative
− Influence on the world and Europe
− Effect of sanctioning the transit country Russia
• Ecological transformation
− Ecological cost truth
− Mobility turnaround and its impact on the transport mix