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Bettina Meinhart

Bettina Meinhart is economist and has been working in the research area “Industrial Economics, Innovation and International Competition” since 2020. In addition, she is currently studying for a PhD at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Her research focuses on topics of international economics and environmental policy, in particular the relationship between foreign trade and the environment, but also the analysis of transformation and European integration. In her dissertation she deals with applications of the gravity model and works, among other things, on the analysis of environmental norms in trade agreements and on external effects in international trade. In the course of her previous work at WIFO, she participated in projects such as the macro study Transformation and “Just Transition” in Austria or the evaluation of special hardship cases in the context of the National Emissions Trading Act. Bettina Meinhart holds a master’s degree in Political and Empirical Economics, which she completed in the form of a double degree from the Universities of Graz and Udine. She spent part of her master studies in Italy. She also completed her bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University of Graz with a focus on environmental economics. Before joining WIFO, Bettina Meinhart worked at Advantage Austria in Sofia, Bulgaria.