Sponsorship Award for Women in Economic Research: FIW Award for master thesis in the field of international economics presented

As a highlight of the FIW workshop “Women in International Economics”, Secretary General Eval Landrichtinger (BMAW) and FIW Project Manager Univ.-Prof. Harald Oberhofer presented the FIW Award for Master Theses in International Economics to the two winners Nicole Sattler and Johanna Treiber.

Within the framework of the “Research Centre International Economics”, the “FIW Award for Women in Economic Research” is announced annually as a promotion for excellent young female scientists in the research area of International Economics.

This year’s prize was aimed at qualified female scientists who have written a diploma or master thesis at an Austrian university in the field of “International Economics” or Austrian citizens who have written their master thesis at a university abroad

The total amount of the sponsorship award is € 5,000; this year, the two winners will each receive € 2,500.

The winners are:

Nicole Sattler (BMF) for her master-thesis “The impact of the AfCFTA on the EU-Africa trade relation”

Johanna Treiber (Deutsche Bundesbank) for her master thesis “Labor Laws and FDI Productivity Spillovers – Analysis of the Labor Mobility Channel”.

Harald Oberhofer, Johanna Treiber, Nicole Sattler, Eva Landrichtinger (from left to right) © Dolenc/BMAW

It is important to study how other countries trade policies affects us. We often are only concerned with our trade policies. What others do matters! This is what we know from trade theory. Economic relationships with African economies will be crucial for tackling main challenges like climate change. Need for raw materials such a rare earths for green technologies. Technology transfer from EU to Africa crucial for development of global CO2-emmission.This is an excellent Master thesis, very well conducted and timely.

Harald Oberhofer on the justification of the FIW Award 2022 to Nicole Sattler.

This thesis applies state of the art econometric methods for studying an important question in the International Economics, namely on potentially positive effects of FDI for the host countries.The findings are relevant for understanding potential heterogeneity in positive FDI spillover effects for productivity also contributing to the policy debate on the role of host market institutions for the effects of FDI.This is important to our understanding of potential effects of technology transfer that might become relevant with respect to green technologies.

Harald Oberhofer on the justification of the FIW Award 2022 to Johanna Treiber.