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Fokus Herbst/Winter 2016Focus Fall
5/25/2019 : 10:56 pm : +0200


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Focus Fall 2016

We present and discuss current research and economic policy related topics in International Economics. This quarter about:


Impact of future trade agreements on EU agricultur e

A recent report published by the European Commission analyses the potential ongoing and upcoming Free Trade Agreements (FTA) between the EU and 12 trade partners.

undefinedagrarheute (german)

undefinedExecutive summary

The ratification of CETA is set to be a difficult process.  All involved parties should critically examine their role during the negotiations.

undefinedZeit (German)

Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau has cancelled a trip to Brussels, as Belgium failed on Wednesday (26 October) to clear internal opposition to the EU-Canada free-trade pact (Ceta).

undefinedZeit (German)

The Bank of England's monetary policy committee unveils a four-point plan to mitigate the impact of the EU referendum vote.

undefinedSueddeutsche (German)

The Austrian Socialist Party is willing to accept the agreement, if certain conditions are met.

undefinedDer Standard (German)

undefinedCETA - german translation (July 2016)

undefinedCETA - english text (July 2016

undefinedFAZ: commented text (version of September 2014)

Attention: the commented Text of FAZ does not contain adjustments made during 2015 and 2016.

Especially the commented text does not feature the adjustments made in regard to the investment treaty arbitration.

  • constritution of tribunal see chapter 8.27 (p.59 in english text)
  • Appellate Tribunal  see chapter 8.28 (p.61 in english text)

International dispute arbitration has a bad press. According to critics, particularly poor states are put at a disadvantage in respect to claims by international firms. Economist Peter Nunnenkamp finds little evidence to support these concers.

undefinedOekonomenstimme (German)

Wallonia parliament passes resolution against CETA, which requires unanimous agreement of all 28 EU member states.  

undefinedSüddeutsche (German)



The Silk Road in the 21st Century

China is investing billions for reviving antique trade routes to Europe: on the track, the street and on the sea. (German)

A new train connection is enabling a quicker delivery to Europe. The giants expand their business. (German)

In Autumn 2013 China's head of party and state Xi Jinping announced the construction of a 'silk road economy belt' and one 'maritime silk road of the 21st century'. The silk road initiative 'One Belt, One Road' is going further than just building a linear traffic and transport connection between Europe and Asia. A comprehensive infrastructure network in Eurasia should develop. The US policy amongst Donald Trump will give it a further boost. (German)

At the beginning of the year, China started a goods train that transports till Londonn. China's economic impact is growing in Germany where last year a remarkable number of companies have been bought.

undefinedDeutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten (German)

The United States are withdrawing more and more from the Arabic region. Meanwhile China is not only economically present in the Middle East but wants also to engange politically in the future.

undefinedDie Presse

China is in the middle of a big need for growth and urgent necessary reforms.

undefinedVorarlberger Nachrichten (German)

China is bying itself up. The country is spending billions for taking over Europes hightech companies. At the same time it is flooding markets with goods for dumping prices. 

undefinedDie Presse (German)

The president of China Xi Jinping and Trump are totally different characters. But both rely on populism and demonstate strengh.

undefinedFinanz und Wirtschaft (German)

Sino-CEE-Fonds is remunerated with ten billion Euros - 16+1 meeting in the capital of Latvia, Ria. (German)

The Asian big power is strengthening its economic presence more and more on the Western Balkan. Not all of the investsments are following an economic calculatio.

undefinedNeue Zürcher Zeitung (German)