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Fokus Herbst 2015Focus Winter
5/25/2019 : 11:52 pm : +0200


The Research Centre International Economics FIW is a project of WIFO, wiiw and WSR on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs. The FIW cooperation with the Vienna University of Economics and Business, the University Vienna, the Johannes Kepler University Linz and the University of Innsbruck is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research.

Current  FIW Statistics on International Trade,  a clear and graphical overview.

Focus Fall 2015

We present and discuss current research and economic policy related topics in International Economics. This quarter about:

Mega-Regional Trade Agreements

German chancellor Angela Merkel starts new year with a call for further negoitaions for the free trade agreement TTIP.

undefinedWirtschaftsBlatt (German)

The access to arbitration procedures would give multi-national-companies more legal options againtst discrimination in European host countries as compared to European companies.

undefinedDie Presse (German)

In Austria oppossition against TTIP is big. An interview with the economic counseillor in the US-embassy about the meaning of TTIP for US-americans.

undefinedTT (german)

Overview of the potential developments in the TTIP-negotiations in 2016.

undefinedDerStandard (german)

The Japanese agriculture anticipates big changes ahead of the introduction of TPP. Rice farmers and processing industries are looking for sustainable business models.

undefinedNZZ (german)

Free trade agreements playing an important role in the power-play between China and the U.S. for influence in Asia.

undefinedFAZ (german)

The United States of America have reached an agreement with economic heavy-weights  like Japan, Canada, Australia and others about the trade-agreement Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). TPP is a signal not only towards China, but also towards the European Union and the TTIP negotiations.

undefinedZeit (German)

The United States of America have reached a free-trade agreement with 11 Pacific States. If TTP is implemented it will include 40% of the global GDP.

undefinedDie Welt (German)

 undefinedZeit (German)


Left outside the U.S.-backed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade pact struck last week, China and India approach this week's talks for a huge Asia-wide equivalent with fresh urgency.



Negotiators agree on an ambitious trade deal, but opposition to its ratification is already fierce.

undefinedThe Economist


Yuan on the path to a reserve currency?

According to Managing Director Christine Lagarde, the IMF staff recommend including yuan in SDR. Fund's ececutive board to vote on inlcusion on November 30.


The IMF debates wether to include China's currency in its reserves



China's new fiw-year plan sets an ambitious goal: g

undefinedZeit (German)


While China may be the world's second largest economy, the future of the yuan playing a bigger role in international markets is clouded by politics.



The government of China aims to upgrade the globale role of its currency. 

Der Standard (German)