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Fokus Frühjahr 2015Focus Winter
1/22/2019 : 4:30 pm : +0100


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Focus Spring 2015

We present and discuss current research and economic policy related topics in International Economics. This quarter about:

The world growht path of China

When on September 3rd head of state Xi Jinping is standing on the square of heavenly peace in Beijing, the probably biggest and latest weapon show that China has ever seen will pass by. It is trained for that already for weeks. (German)


The central bank of China is trying very hard to stop the collaps at the stock exchange. After the impact of the reduction of the interest rate is almost gone, the keeper of the currency are giving billions of credit to the banks.

undefinedSpiegel Online (German)


An unexpected weak Chinese purchasing manager index has lead to a massive collapse of the composite index at the beginning of the week which stresses the Dax.

undefinedFrankfurter Allgemeine (German)


After the massive stock marked crash above all one question is raised: How much marked is still fine? (German)


While the EU is dealing with the Ukrainian policy with the US, China started to invest in the with crisis faced country: Peking is above all interested in the agricultural sektor, but is as well investing in the sector technology, real estate and science. Therefor Chine could raise as the big winner of the cold war between the US and Russia - and displace the European.

undefinedDeutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten (German)


Three trillion dollars were blasted, now the government of China is intervening in a massiv way in the shares markets. Apparently with success: the exchange rates are recovering. But the situation remains dangerous.

undefinedSpiegel Online (German)


While everyone is looking to Greece, in China an even bigger drama is happening. Companies and population are loosing their trust in the central committee. This is going to be a problem for the whole world. (German)


A fonds shall improve the infrastructure within the European Union. China could engage with a billion sum. The Chinese government wants to raise their politcal influence.

undefinedHandelsblatt (German)


In the last couple of years China grew in a fast way. But in the upcoming years the fruits are more on the top. Therefore the danger is growing that economy is remaining static at the average level.

undefinedNeue Zürcher Zeitung (German)


The signs point to confrontation: China and the USA are arguing about land reclamation in the south-chinese sea. Rhetorical rencounters are belonging to the past, now Peking is turning words into action: the government modernised nuclear weapons and equipped them with multiple warheads. Experts are worried about that.

undefinedFocusonline (German)


China wants to modernise its economic and industrial policy. Within that they are geared towards the Germans - but they have strong retentions. Above all they are afraid of loosing the safety of their data. (German)


5300 kilometer rails across the whole continent: With a "trans-ocean railway" the Chinese want to increase their influence in South America. Behind this billion dollars project there is a two-fisted policy-strategic calculatio.

undefinedFrankfurter Allgemeine (German)


China needs gas, Russia needs money. With a economic-deal worth billions Peking and Moscow are strenghtening their relationship. With this they are demonstraging unity - even in global political questions.

undefinedn-tv (German)


The CICC is in the middle of the preparation for their stock market launch: China's leading investment bank is now an incorporated company. At a first meeting of stockholders management and governing board were elected.

undefinedHandelsblatt (German)