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Fokus Herbst 2014Focus Fall 2014
4/25/2019 : 12:40 am : +0200


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Focus Fall

We present and discuss current research and economic policy related topics in International Economics. This quarter about:

Bilateral free trade agreements

The negotiations with the Americans about the free trade agreement TTIP is criticized as "secretiveness". After this critique the European Commission published now the original documents. But many controversial points are not mentioned yet.

 undefinedFrankfurter Allgemeine (German)


For Jörg Leichtfried it is relativly clear: Within the free trade agreement TTIP, which is negotiated whit the US at the moment, there will be no arbitral tribunals. Cause if the ISDS are indicated in the final contract all socialists will vote against it and TTIP will burst. There are internal resolutions for it, so the social democrats are the essential part, says Jörg Leichtfried. (German)


TTIP is not reducing the norms, but it is protecting it in a better way, says US-expert Dan Hamilton. The critics towards the EU/US-contract is often meeting topics which are not part of the negotiations.

undefinedWirtschaftsblatt (German)


Brussels - 2015 is probably going to be the essential year concerning the negotiations of the transatlantic free trade agreement TTIP. This was said by representatives of the European Commission and the European Parliament to Austrian journalists. The agreement is above all in Austria seen in a controversial way. European politicians and officials have still to get rid of many big barriers.

undefinedTiroler Tageszeitung (German)


The new EU-Trade-Commissar Cecilia Malmström thinks that there are hardly any chances for changes concerning the trade agreement between the EU and Canada, Ceta. It is just a question of finishing any more, Malmström states in the interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung. "We cannot open up again the whole agreement, otherwise everything will be back up", says Malmström. "That's something nobody wants." By the way it is "a really good agreement".

 undefinedSü (German)


The two planned free trade agreements TTIP and Ceta could maybe faillure cause of the German fundamental law. This is the result of the expert on international law, Andreas Fischer-Lescano. "It is conceivable that numerous rules, which are planned by the agreements will violate against the fundamental law and the European Union law", states the jurist.

undefinedZeit online (German)


Parting EU-Trade-Commissioner Karel De Gucht is warning of a blocking concerning the free trade agreement negotiations with the USA. De Gucht states that it is better for Europe to avoid excessive demands towards the US-government. He doubts "that the United States would apart from that continue negotiating at the beginning of next year."

undefinedDie Presse (German)


In time for the start of the committee amongst President Jean-Claudie Juncker on November 1st, the former head of ÖIAG, Markus J. Beyrer, presented a long list of demands in Brussels.

undefined Salzburger Nachrichten (German)


The Office of the Federal Chancellor has denied reports, that European head of negotiations for CETA, Steve Verheul, held a meeting with Federal Chancellor Werner Faymann (SPÖ). The Office of the Federal Chancellor states that Austria`s government does not support CETA in its current form.

 undefinedTiroler Tageszeitung



Canada and the EU conclude the Free Trade Agreement Ceta and make concessions. But there is some resistance against the investor protection. Not just in Europe.

undefinedFAZ (German)


Leading Union-politicians shot down the call of German vice chancellor Gabriel for changes within the Ceta-Agreement. Now an important CDU-politician claims as well for renegotiation.

undefinedHandelsblatt (German)


Wifo-expert Elisabeth expects that CETA will have positive effects for Austria. She adds that it may be too early for a detailed prediction.

 undefinedTiroler Tageszeitung (German)


 Trade associations demand Germany not to block the Free Trade Agreement with the US. But now the Minister for Economic Affairs Gabriel will renegotiate the Canadian Trade Agreement CETA as well.

undefined Welt (German)


Tax regulations

In the future concerns shall be charged with a tax in this country where they as well generate their profit, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker claims in the European Parliament. In the upcoming year the civil service of Brussels will submit an appropriate proposal.

undefinedDer Tagesspiegel (German)


The European finance minister end up the bank secrecy. All member states are going to exchange informations concerning the income from September 2017. The Netherlands want to start cooperating with Germany from now on.

undefinedHandelsblatt (German)


It is known that tax heaven have an inward flow of money. The London School of Economics has now tried to calculate how much it really is. And how much an taxes is dropped out.

undefinedDie Presse (German)


More than 2000 Billion Euro are brought to offshore accounts - to the safe side - by rich Europeans. The automatic exchange of bankdata is not enforced everywhere yet and still has gaps. Nevertheless the golden times of the Bermudas seem to be over.

undefinedKleine Zeitung (German)


As host of the G-20 Meeting, Australia claimed a strict approach against flaws which enable concerns tax evasions. Such a behavior of the concerns is a "theft".

undefinedHandelsblatt (German)


In the controversy concerning enterprises dumping taxes, Luxembourg is in the pillory. But as well The Netherlands are chuming up - and of all things the minister of finance is head of Eurogroup.

 undefinedZeit Online (German)


The European Commission is already investigating in two cases if the tax pratice of Luxembourg is infringing upon European regulations. These processes shall now be "intensified" because of the Luxembourg-Leaks.

undefined Sü (German)


The deal to exchange tax data  between 50 countries which was signed in Berlin at the end of October is a sign in the right direction, said financial expert and Green party representative Sven Giegold.

undefinedDeutschlandfunk (German)


The fight against tax fraud and tax evasion is on full speed.

undefinedHandelsblatt (German)


 The states of the G20 want to combat the international tax evasion – and they could do it.

undefinedZeit (German)


Minister of finance Jacob Lew wants to make it more complicated for big enterprises to move abroad for tax reasons. But the obvious suspicion is that this is just for positive propaganda due to an important el

undefinedFAZ (German)