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Fokus Sommer 2013 Focus Summer 2013
9/20/2020 : 12:32 pm : +0200

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Current  FIW Statistics on International Trade,  a clear and graphical overview.

Focus Summer 2013

We present and discuss current research and economic policy related topics in International Economics. This quarter about:

Europe on the way to a banking union?

A half-hearted banking union raises more risks than it solves


EU-China trade relations

The European Union has asked the World Trade Organisation to rule in a dispute over Chinese anti-dumping duties on imports of high-performance stainless steel seamless tubes from the EU.

undefinedReuters (Englisch)

Can international trade be good for the environment? This column assesses the EU-Chinese anti-dumping dispute in detail, and argues that trade could well be the saviour of solar power. Trade was good for protecting against things like sulphur dioxide, in the case of automobiles, 30 years ago. The same is true of trade in solar equipment today. Westerners should celebrate the contribution of trade to reducing the cost of solar power, not block it with protectionist anti-dumping measures.

China exports less, especially to Europe.