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All FIW Publications
FIW Policy Briefs
The FIW project regularly publishes Policy Briefs addressing current issues in international economics. These Policy Briefs should clarify information about current political economy processes, specifically with respect to the situation in Austria. Respective authors are responsible for the content of the Policy Briefs. We are looking forward reading your comments on the Policy Briefs. Please send your comments directly to the FIW Project-Office ( We will forward them to the authors.
FIW Notes
FIW publishes biannually FIW Notes. They present an overview of the most important Austrian and international developments regarding international economics. There is only a German version available.
FIW Research Reports
The FIW Research Reports show the results of the FIW-Studypools, commissioned by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Economics.
FIW Working Papers
Studies on Foreign Trade Austria
FIW Special
FIW-Specials discuss in detail relevant topics in International Economics.
FIW Policy Notes
The FIW Policy Notes are part of the FIW Research Reports and summarize the policy conlusions.
FIW Executive Summaries
The FIW Executive summeries provide an overview over the most important results of the FIW Reserach Reports.
Yearbook of Foreign Trade
the yearbook on 'Austria's External Relations' has been published within the scope of the 'Research Centre International Economics' (FIW) from 2008 to 2011. You can download the full text of the yearbook (in German) and the English summary for free. Discontinued.