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Fokus Winter 2017/18Focus Winter 2017/18
4/25/2019 : 12:17 am : +0200


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Current  FIW Statistics on International Trade,  a clear and graphical overview.

Focus Winter 2017/18

We present and discuss current research and economic policy related topics in International Economics. This quarter about:

US tax reform - effects on Europe




Wifo: punitive tariffs would hurt United States more than Europe

According to a Wifo study, 20,000 jobs in the EU could be endangered through steel and aluminum custom tariffs, but in the United States up to 50.000 jobs could be lost.

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Ifo recommends transatlantic custom tariff-reductions

The unweighted average customs tariff of the EU is 5.2 percent, that of the US 3.5 percent.

Wiener Zeitung (German)

CesIfo Group (German)

EU-commission is thinking about WTO-complaint over US-tariffs.

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The European Union has informed its member states on possible tariffs in reaction to Donald Trumps plans to impose tariffs on  steel and aluminium. T

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When President Donald Trump tweeted “We want free, fair and SMART TRADE,” on March 1st, trade-watchers groaned. He announced tariffs of 25% on imports of steel and 10% on those of aluminium.
The tariffs may not even make for good domestic politics. Beyond America’s borders the policy will be disastrous. The countries likely to be hardest hit by broad tariffs include close allies such as Canada, Mexico and South Korea.


Donald Trump is holding firm on hins plans regarding tariffs. The German Government issued sharp disagreement with the United State's supposed "Isolation course".

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The European Union announced counter-measures to proposed US-tariffs.

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Punitive tariffs would hurt German automotive industry

Questions and Aswers regarding possible punitive us-tariffs on steel and aluminium.

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US tax reform - effects on Europe




Professor of Economics, Gabriel Felbermayr talks about the dangers of a trade-, tax- and currency-war between Europe and the Unisted States.


undefinedWiWo (German)

The effects of the Tax Reform on companies' balance sheets are quite heterogenous.

undefinedDiePresse (German)

Donald Trump is a man more of words than actions. Still, his administration's recent rhetoric in three areas -- currency, trade and taxation --- is raising hackles across the European Union. Unity among EU member states is key to addressing the first two challenges in a way that safeguards the European economy. On the third, however, the EU should view it more as an opportunity than a threat.


For the upcoming business year Voestalpine is expecting an improvement of its net-profits in the United States due to the recent tax reform.

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Federation of Austrian Industries: Biggest risk are the effects on German companies, which are supplied by Austrian firms.

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