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AktuellFocus Winter 2017/18
2/25/2018 : 12:42 pm : +0100


Focus Winter 2017/18

We present and discuss current research and economic policy related topics in International Economics. This quarter about:

US tax reform - effects on Europe




Professor of Economics, Gabriel Felbermayr talks about the dangers of a trade-, tax- and currency-war between Europe and the Unisted States.


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The effects of the Tax Reform on companies' balance sheets are quite heterogenous.

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Donald Trump is a man more of words than actions. Still, his administration's recent rhetoric in three areas -- currency, trade and taxation --- is raising hackles across the European Union. Unity among EU member states is key to addressing the first two challenges in a way that safeguards the European economy. On the third, however, the EU should view it more as an opportunity than a threat.


For the upcoming business year Voestalpine is expecting an improvement of its net-profits in the United States due to the recent tax reform.

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Federation of Austrian Industries: Biggest risk are the effects on German companies, which are supplied by Austrian firms.

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